I used to play Earthworm Jim on my Sega a lot as a kid. Loved that game and the humour in it. The characters, levels, gameplay, everything. So Jim was a good project for me to learn and get better at certain things. It’s my first anatomical sculpt for starters. There are some obvious places where I’d like to have done better, but overall I’m quite happy with that aspect. Then there was some hard surface modelling as well, which I’m a little more familiar with. I’ve never really done stone or rocks or grounds, so I picked up some tips for that along the way too. Then I had to think about the dressings for the shot and the post effects I wanted including a little simple matte painting. In essence I wanted to do Jim in a gnarly way, yet familiar in something that could be a level from the original game, and this is the result.

Modeled and textured in Maya and ZBrush, rendered in mental ray, composited in After Effects and Photoshop.

Take him for a spin as well to view some more details!

Earthworm Jim