Cinema Spot

This 10 seconds short spot was produced to market the new wagamama at Frederiksberg, the first business Tivoli has ever opened outside the Gardens in over 170 years.

I didn’t have much to work with besides still images, text and logos. So I did some simple yet effective eye catching animations on all the elements such as 3D flips on the logo and address, some sense of gravity on the speed of things too, this is particularly visible on the logo in the beginning as it drops down and the image that follows. To add something to the still image of the food, some subtle steam was added on top of it to add interest. Finally some minor animations on the splash in the end, notice the chop sticks here.

My experience with jobs for CinemaxX made me able to produce the entire spot and adjust the volume of the audio to comply with cinema standards as well as creating the final DCP for the movie theater. It ran for 3 months at Falkoner Biograf, Frederiksberg, Denmark beginning around December 20th.