My name is Lasse Salling and I’m a senior graphic designer.
I live in Vedbæk, Denmark with my wife, daughter and son.
For the past 5+ years I’ve set the tone for the visual identity of Tivoli in form of photography for the open seasons, atmosphere, banquet facilities, restaurants, some events and some food, animations for HTML banners for the seasons and various other subbrands within Tivoli, animations for digital outdoor, SoMe and screens, visual identities for various subbrands within Tivoli and just regular visual and final artwork in various forms inhouse as well as material received from &Co. I’ve also been part of the team implementing Tivolis DAM solution and therefore also involved a little bit in GDPR handling. I’m familiar with and have signed NDA’s for confidential information when I did the annual reports.
Due to internal reorganization for the following three-year strategy, my position have been terminated. While I obviously don’t agree with that decision, it opens up the opportunity for YOU to hire a talented and loyal multi-faceted graphic designer, who’s not just a final artist but so much more. Browse around my portfolio to get an idea of my skillsets.
I’m looking for a job in a similar organisation, it could be within the entertainment industry or back to the roots in advertising. I’m specifically looking for a company that brings people joy or even change peoples lives for the better and a place that can harness all of my capabilities.
The great thing about the work I did in Tivoli was I got to put all my talents into play and that contributed to people having fun, great experiences and memories.
I do graphic design and minor art direction, HTML5 banners, photography, advanced photo retouching and print production. I also have some experience with 3D visualisation and do some basic to intermediate motion graphics. Basically you can throw anything my direction and I’ll get it done. I’ve worked on small as well as big campaigns that have won both national and international awards.
I have great confidence there’s a similar position out there for a talented guy like me, so please get in touch at 22 23 74 85 or
In my spare time I’ve done plenty of application skinning and icon design back in the day, 3D visualisation and a little bit of motion graphics and personal and commercial photography. I’ve hand picked some cases in the Personal Work and Professional Work section to show the variety of things I do.
Other interests include photography, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, going to concerts, enjoying fine dining, cooking plus I’m a gadget and tech enthusiast. After we’ve become house owners, I’ve taken a massive interest in gardening, so a lot of my time is spent fixing the garden after years of neglect from the previous owners. I watch a lot of tutorials to improve my skills and gain knowledge and stay ahead of my game. I’m fluent in Danish and English.

Lasse Salling

Graphic Designer

Final artist, graphic designer, interface & icon designer, photo retoucher, image manipulator,
3D visualiser

Education and Experience

Graphic Designer.

Owner – for freelance work.

DDB Copenhagen
Graphic Designer.

UI Designer (3 years of regular freelance work).

Kailow Graphic
Apprenticeship as Media Graphic Designer and permanent employment.

KTS (Copenhagen Technical School)
Media Graphic Designer (combined school and apprenticeship at Kailow).

Niels Brock
High School Student (HHX)

Honors and Awards

2014: Advertising Effectiveness Award, Winner, McDonald’s “Erobring af morgenmadsmarkedet”
2014: Rambuk, Gran Prix, McDonald’s “Coinoffers”
2014: IPA Effectiveness Awards, Bronze, McDonald’s “Virtual Coins”
2014: Creative Circle Awards, Silver Award, Digital/Digital Campaigns, McDonald’s “Coins for Clicks”
2014: Creative Circle Awards, Shortlist, Advertising/Events and Digital Events, McDonald’s “Coins for Clicks”
2013: Advertising Effectiveness Award, Gran Prix, McDonald’s “Coinoffers”
2013: Creative Circle Awards, Shortlist, Digital/Digital Campaigns, McDonald’s “Coinoffers Jackpot”
2012: Danish Internet Awards, Winner, Integrated and Mobile, McDonald’s “Coinoffers”
2012: Cannes Lions, Bronze Lion, Best Integrated Campaign Led by Mobile, Best Use of Integrated Media, McDonald’s “Coinoffers”
2012: Creative Circle Awards, Gold and Silver Award, Integrated Campaigns, Events & Digital Events, Digtial Campaigns and Brand Driven Apps & Utilities, McDonald’s “Coinoffers”
2012: Advertising Effectiveness Award, Winner, McDonald’s “Coin Hunting”
2012: Direct Marketing Dagen, Guld, Husstandsomdelt, Codan “Bilforsikring”
2012: Creative Circle Awards, Shortlist, Advertising/Outdoor, Volkswagen “Kyssebænken”
2012: Creative Circle Awards, Shortlist, Advertising/Outdoor, Volkswagen “Iskagehuset”
2011: Creative Circle Awards, Shortlist, Advertising/Print B2B, Codan “Værktøjsforsikring”
2011: Creative Circle Awards, Shortlist, Design/Mini Identity, VL Grupperne “VL Døgn 2011”

In the span of my career I’ve had the privilege to do work for the following brands:

  • Aalborg Akvavit
  • Audi
  • CinemaxX
  • Cocio
  • Codan
  • Coloplast
  • Danske Spil
  • Gammel Dansk
  • KiMs
  • Krak
  • McDonald’s
  • Nimb
  • Nordea
  • Royal Unibrew
  • Stardock
  • The Skins Factory
  • Tivoli
  • Volkswagen
  • wagamama

3D Visualisation

3D renders can be used for anything: icons for apps and websites, product visualisation, TV and film production and anything else you can imagine. I can model and sculpt in Maya and ZBrush and deliver a final still image or model – also for 3D print. If you need animation I have a partner in crime to finish the job.

Interface Design

The skins, icons, websites and banners in my portfolio shows a variety of styles and techniques that reveals a broad range of appealing looks I can create – whether it’s for computer software, websites, banners, mobile or tablet apps.

Photo & Print

Photo retouching is one of my major competences. I do retouching, color adjustment, cut outs, recreation of hair and general manipulations. I do stuff for print everyday as well – so any format, any job I can do.

Mad skills and bad skills

I use a range of various software on a daily basis. Some more than others. Some I know better than others.
Some I would like to know better, so I practice. I like using them all, well except Office.


I spend most of the time using one of the apps from Adobe CC. As a final artist I’m mostly familiar with Photoshop and InDesign, but I do use some of the other apps too.









After Effects



It’s no secret I love making 3D still images. It’s comprehensive and complex stuff though, so I’ve focused on modeling, texturing and rendering still images. Rigging and animation is not something I’m overly familiar with.

Pixologic ZBrush


Autodesk Maya


Luxion Keyshot


Other software

Other companies, organizations and developers offers other great software I use regularly. Here’s a short list of some other software I have some knowledge of.

Capture One


Tumult Hype


Apple Keynote




Microsoft Office


“Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.”