CinemaxX is the first movie theatre in Scandinavia to offer the IMAX experience to its customers.
I helped visualise the exterior and interior in 3D as well as creating the key visual and lots of various formats for digital and print.


I spent many evenings and nights from February to late April working on the IMAX campaign. First I aided with the exterior signage and interior design in 3D to help CinemaxX take design, material, lighting and product decisions during reconstruction, needless to say a lot of variations were rendered out during this process, and it was a joy to watch the final reconstructed movie theatre at the galla premiere on April 23rd 2015. Below are renders of the auditorium and its entrance as well as a few before/after images of the exterior signage and interior design. For the auditorium I used the CAD file supplied by the constructors and added some extra geometry and set up for some simple renderings in Keyshot. Below the CG images and the before/after sliders, you’ll find a few images of the final real life results.

  • Before-Facade
    Before Facade After
  • Before-Foyer
    Before Foyer After
  • Before-Entrance
    Before Entrance After


CinemaxX usually relies on big white text in caps on dark backgrounds, so for this campaign I continued that style, but added some oomph in the form of a subtle star field, space dust and light glooms as well as some flares over the IMAX logo to emphasize the grandeur of bringing the IMAX experience to Copenhagen – plus it also added kind of a movie poster feel to the final artwork. The premiere movie was Avengers: Age of Ultron, so the material had to complement their artwork too. Below are a couple of examples of the final artwork and a list of some of the elements I made for the campaign for print.

  • Ads for newspapers
  • Banners around reconstruction area
  • Banner for the gable of the movie theatre
  • Banners (10 total) in the tunnel at Nørreport Station
  • Banners – various sizes for various places outdoor
  • Busboards for the side and the back of the Danish yellow busses
  • Sides and top for the IMAX 3D glasses cart indoor
  • Tickets – backside branding
  • T-shirts for the staff


Besides the usual promotion images for Facebook, YouTube channel art and images for,, newsletters and more, I also made various Flash banners in different sizes including a takeover banner. Many of the banners feature a 30 second movie clip produced for CinemaxX introducing the new IMAX experience. You can access the video by mouseover on the play icon/still image in the banner and then by clicking the play icon. The banners were deployed using Google’s DoubleClick Studio. Launch each banner below for a preview of the animations and functionality.

Jurassic World

For the second burst I did a few elements for the next movie, Jurassic World. Here you can see a banner that was based on the other banners above with video on mouseover again.



CinemaxX wanted a something little extra for the IMAX subsite at, so I rethought the design and functionality in an updated layout, that would still fit in with the overall look of the site. With parallax glory and fancy animations considered, this was unfortunately not possible for them to bring to life, as their CMS wouldn’t be able to contain or handle many of the ideas shown below. I think it’s a good facelift worth showing here, even though it was discarded in the process due to technicalities.