Frozen 2

Another fun one. Almost like a game of whack-a-mole, you must take a screenshot of Kristoff when he gets hit by a snowball to have a chance to win.



A cool challenge and a lot of prep went into this. I isolated Joker and recreated some of his hair. I grunged up the IMAX and CinemaxX logo and the text to feel familiar with the JOKER logo. I found a complete deck of cards in vector I could use as all cards are in play in the video, but I modified the Jack, as the vector file did not have a Joker in it, so I made it look like the version in this film. I then set up the cards to have a front and back and rotated them in 3D around Joker. The viewer would then count the correct number of Jokers they saw during the video. If you answered correctly, you might get picked out as winner.


Gemini Man

Following the card animations on the Joker competition (as seen above), I did  a simpler version for a Gemini Man competition. Take a screenshot when old Will faces new Will to get a chance to win.



Dumbo is learning to fly with the help of a feather. He’s a bit wobbly though as it’s new to him. The challenge in this competition was to take a screenshot while he catches a white feather with his trunk. He passes 6 feathers during the video.