Tivoli “Balletfestival”

These banners were done for the Tivoli Balletfestival to promote 2 shows in September 2014. These are a good example of trying to include a lot of information, logos and images into a single banner that must not take up more space than 50 kb. Each banner manages to do that though. 5 sizes in 930×180, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 and 120×200.






CinemaxX “V.I.P. Seats”

These banners were done for the launch of the installation of new luxurious seats in the movie theatre CinemaxX in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. Pretty basic text animations and some call to action animation as well. 3 standard sizes in 930×180, 300×250 and 160×600.




McDonald’s “Coins for Clicks”

I made various sizes for this campaign, the fourth burst of the award winning Coinoffers campaign for McDonald’s Denmark. The idea this time was for people to put the banner voluntarily on their own website, they would then be added to a rotation list with alle the other sites that enrolled which meant that each time someone clicked the banner on one of the sites, they could end up at your site = free traffic to your website. Here’s one of the banners in 930×180.


Nordea “Efterløn”

These banners featured a countdown function to display the deadline you had to react to if you wanted to withdraw all of your early retirement savings and keep on working until your reached the default retirement age in Denmark, discarding the possibility of early retirement all together. It was sort of a reminder to make a decision in time, before it was too late. Here are 2 formats in 930×130 and 300×600.



Codan “Diagnoseforsikring”

These banners featured text animations and an x-ray overlay animation as well as some CTA button animation. These were part of a smaller campaign for the insurance company Codan to show the advantage of their solution compared to others. Here are 2 versions in 930×130.



Venuroton “Welcome the summer with fresh legs”

These banners featured image morphing and some text and CTA animations. It’s medication to help the case of swollen legs and vascular ruptures. Here are 2 versions in 930×130 and 300×250.



McDonald’s “Coinoffers”

These banners were the second burst of the award winning campaign “Coinoffers” we did for McDonald’s Denmark. With your smartphone app, you can scan the coins and collect free food at McDonald’s when you have a minimum of 10 coins. These featured tons of text and not much room for fun stuff plus there was the challenge of making the coins scannable. We managed it in a not so pretty but bearable fashion. Here are 2 versions in 930×130 and 160×600.