I’m doing various anatomy studies at the moment. Filipe (Lee) Magalhães has done a bunch of tutorials at Digital Tutors I’m going through. On top of that I’ve watched various other tutorials on the subject that I watch over and over from time to time. I have my Anatomy for Artists book I’m referencing too, as well as my L’Ecorché Desktop app and male anatomy figure from 3DTotal, as well as pictures of body parts and full bodies found on Google.

I’ve come to the conclusion as many artists have, that fundamental anatomical knowledge is key to make your work better. Once you get it, you’ll make better work. So here I am again, improving my skills.

Besides the tutorials I’m having Lee do corrections on my sculpts as I progress through the tutorials, where he discusses in detail the mistakes I make and how to fix them and what to be aware of. Money well spent, since I’m learning a lot.

Sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Keyshot, post in Photoshop.

This page will be updated with new renders continually as I wrap up a section.

Check out Lee’s website and hire him to improve your work, it’s worth it!



Torso study viewed from various angles to show the different muscle groups and landmarks on the human male body.



This is sculpted after reference images of my own foot – the best reference at hand (foot).



And this is of course sculpted after my own hand and fingers.